nOthing BOOKS is a small, independent book publisher based in the West Midlands.

Our primary aim is to publish poetry anthology books that will raise money for charitable organisations. Our latest publication is Within Darkness & Light which is currently available to buy on Amazon. All proceeds raised from the sales of this book are being donated to a leading UK mental health charity.

However, we are also interested in publishing diverse and creative books by authors who challenge genres, be that dark fiction, horror or real life non-fiction.

We are passionately committed to supporting indie writers and poets. Within our extensive network, we can draw strength from being able to call on some of the most prominent editors, proofreaders, and writers currently active in this crazy world of writing and publishing.

cropped-skull-transparentnOthing BOOKS are determined to support ‘indie’ writers and poets who demonstrate an element of ‘edge’ in their work. We are not interested in simply taking a profit from publishing works, we want to support art.

We are actively seeking submissions from talented writers & poets, who have either contributed to one of our anthologies, experienced rejection from other publishing houses or, are taking their first steps into the often confusing world of publishing. If you have a piece of work that you feel is ready for consideration, then why not submit it to nOthing BOOKS.

For informal inquiries and submissions, please send emails to editor@nothingbooks.com