Further Within Darkness & Light – released 22nd June 2018

Further Within Darkness & Light is a collection of poetry and verse, from across the world. Featuring the very finest of international talent.

212 poems, reflecting upon the darkness and light of life that exists within this world of ours. Poems of love, loss, mental anguish and hope that will certainly stimulate your emotions. Let this book release your feelings through verse. Allow the words to set you free.

Proceeds from the sale of this book are being donated to MIND a leading UK mental health charity.

Now available to buy in paperback and Kindle.

Artist David Nicholls to provide cover art

I am delighted to announce that the incredibly talented artist David Nicholls will be creating a mosaic art piece, which will then form the basis of the cover art for the Further Within Darkness & Light charity poetry collection anthology.

I’ve shared a photo from David’s collection, which is one of my favourites. You can enjoy more of his work on his David Nicholls Art FaceBook page.

Diverse Verse 3 – Charity Poetry Collection by Richard Archer is available now!

Diverse verse 3 is a poetry collection full of the finest poems from across the globe.

Within its covers are words that will send hearts soaring with joy or just as easily bring them crashing back to earth. Turn a page and find yourself on the wrong side of an argument, lost in a fantastical city or battling with malevolent inner demons. Read on and live vicariously through the words within.

Compiled and edited by the immensely talented Richard Archer (Walsall Poetry Society and nOthing BOOKS),  Diverse Verse 3 is sold to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

You can buy a paperback copy of Diverse Verse 3 here.

Cacophony of Stardust by Al Barz – Available Now!

This collection, laid down from many of the writer’s experiences, stretches back through several decades. Ballet and business, prison and performance, college and comedy, each have a part in the life and words gathered for this, his first collection. However, examples of his writing are scattered across the Internet and more than a handful of charity anthologies as well as in an Annual of a national magazine. He has also run a Sci-Fi group and edited its magazine. Al Barz has performed many poems, often with his keyboard or self-composed backing tracks, at many venues across the West Midlands and beyond. He has headlined at various gigs, won a poetry slam, been part of a singing duo and a poetry quartet, organised large and small music and poetry events, and acted on over a dozen stages across the country as well as a film and a TV ad.

Published by Burdizzo Bards in association with nOthing BOOKS, Cacophony of Stardust is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle format.