The Junk Talk Poet signs to nOthing BOOKS

nOthing BOOKS are thrilled to announce that The Junk Talk Poet has signed with us. We shall be revealing further details of the prospective book releases soon. It goes without saying that we are incredibly excited about what is in the pipeline.

The Junk Talk Poet is an experimental performance poet who is quickly rising to prominence with his controversial lyricism and disregard of censorship, in his attempt to encourage free thinking and making poetry accessible to all ages and the modern generation.

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Richard Archer signs to nOthing BOOKS

nOthing BOOKS are delighted to announce that we will be publishing the fifth book of poetry written by Richard Archer.

A true leading light in the poetry world, Richard Archer is renowned for his personalised and articulate observation of life. His poetry is a work of modern art, never ceasing to draw people into his world. With four solo and three charity anthology poetry books to his name, Richard is widely respected throughout the poetry community.

Richard’s performances at many poetry open mic sessions and gigs around the country, amaze and inspire audiences from all walks of life. He truly is an amazing poet.

It is with further delight and honour, to welcome Richard on board to the nOthing BOOKS staff, in the position of Poetry Editor.

Richard will bring his wealth of experience and talent, to support and advise all poets who submit their work to nOthing BOOKS.

Further Within Darkness & Light book

Hey folks

A quick update. The second nOthing BOOKS charity poetry anthology, ‘Further Within Darkness & Light’, is looking very good indeed.

So far, 176 amazingly diverse poems have been accepted. The book will be ‘bigger’ than the first issue, both physically and in content.

The ‘open call for submissions’ closes end of April and then the magic begins. Artwork for the cover is being produced over the next couple of weeks, hopefully.


Hopeful Dreams and Damaged Nightmares – by Paul B Morris is out now

nOthing BOOKS are delighted to announce that the debut book by Paul B Morris, ‘Hopeful Dreams and Damaged Nightmares’ is now available to buy if you want to get hold of a copy. It’s a collection of his emotive poetry and very short stories.

Hopeful Dreams and Damaged Nightmares - Cover